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European Getaway - Marketing Image Pack (34 Images)

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Join us on an adventure abroad! We traveled overseas to Europe to capture the essence of this collection. The cobblestone streets of Verona, grand ocean side of Monaco, and the triumphant architecture in Paris all played the perfect backdrop for our new items. This jewelry is just as luxurious as the locations they were photographed in. From top of the line Italian pieces to opulent stones these pieces will make a statement and match anyone’s style. MARKETING IMAGES TERMS AND CONDITIONS   Customers will pay a one-time charge of $45 to receive a download containing marketing images for use in social media, flyers, or other advertising.   Use of the marketing images is prohibited for anyone other than the Customer and for any purpose other than advertising MMA International’s merchandise on the Customer’s website or in the Customer’s other promotional materials. Marketing image files may not be duplicated, resold, or used in a manner inconsistent with promoting your business that sells merchandise from MMA International.   The Customer agrees to purchase items that are ordered as a result of their customers viewing these images exclusively from MMA International. MMA International reserves the right to require customers to remove these images from their website or to cease any other use of these images that MMA International, at its sole discretion, deems is not in its best interest or determines is in violation of this agreement.   MMA International does not guarantee the accuracy of the product information and assumes no liability for any problems caused by inaccurate information.   MMA International makes no claim that this data will be compatible with customer programs or customer equipment. MMA is not able to provide technical assistance.   I agree to the above terms and conditions and release MMA International, LLC, and all officers, employees and heirs of MMA International, LLC. from any liability associated with my use of the MMA Marketing Images, updates, or any related communications.